Press Release: Advisory Board

October 19, 2021 09:00 AM Eastern Daylight Time

NEW YORK–Exante Data announced the formation of an Advisory Board comprised of top executives from technology focused firms. Exante Data is proud to welcome internationally recognized leaders Irina Novoselsky, Morten Primdahl, and Pascal Schaary to its Advisory Board.

“When we founded Exante Data in 2016, our mission was to deliver superior strategy across financial markets using technology and alternative data,” said Exante Data Founder & CEO Jens Nordvig. “We have grown significantly and expanded our footprint globally among the world’s most sophisticated institutional investors. We plan to continue to deliver superior insights to this high-end client segment. Looking ahead, we will strive for aggressive expansion to larger audiences. Exante Data will draw on this group of advisors with unique expertise to build new, scalable products and advise on future capital raises.”

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