"Really enjoyed reading your daily updates on the coronavirus, keep it coming."

Fortune 100 Company

"Exante was very timely, detailed and extensive in its coronavirus coverage. Ahead of the curve in analyzing the developing trends and market implications. Exante analysed the details of data very carefully to come out with correct conclusions at the right juncture. We are very thankful for your efforts."

Asia-Pac Hedge Fund

"Exante’s timely and thorough data collection and analysis, which has been updated and expanded ahead of the rest as 2019-nCoV progressed, has added enormous value to our monitoring of the epidemic."

US Hedge Fund

"Exante's data on coronavirus has been valuable.  You guys deserve credit for being the first to cover it [coronavirus] intensively.  These unconventional data sources are quite useful at this time."

G10 Central Bank

"Exante have been outstanding in their real time coverage of the nCoV outbreak. Their analysis on the published data of patients in China and globally was deeper and more nuanced than their peers. Further they have been early on looking at the restart of economic activity in China and again the range of parallel data sets has been more robust and insightful."

Asia-Pac Hedge Fund

"Exante has been a key source of real-time reliable information surrounding COVID – both the spread of the virus and economic impacts in impacted regions. They have greatly improved our ability to navigate the trading environment this year."

US Hedge Fund

"Exante has been our go-to resource on COVID.  Clear, direct, daily data-driven narratives covering real-world and market implications. Indispensable"

Asia-Pac Corporate

"Exante were early, proactive and spot on in their analysis and projections of the potential impact of COVID-19. They have been an enormous asset to us and our clients in thinking through risk management during an extremely challenging time."

Asia Pac Private Bank

"Exante has been the most thorough, responsive, and action source on the coronavirus at all hours of the day.  They provide rigorous analysis and actionable updates on both a generic and bespoke update basis."

US Equity Hedge Fund

“Exante has done a remarkable job during the Covid-19 crisis. The combination of thorough data collection, careful analysis and covering of market implications have added significant value to us this year.”

Nordic Hedge Fund

"An all time body of work from Exante.  Amazingly well done"

EU Hedge Fund

"Exante were a great help in ringing the alarm on nCoV and helping to sift through the dense noise and speculation. The foresight in predicting the impact on economic conditions was a significant support in our process."

Asia-Pac SWF

"Exante has the most comprehensive data analytics, ranging from longer term balance of payment, to daily fixed income and equities flow.  There is no other place to go to if you want to analyze or solve puzzle holistically. No other research firm or bank has anything similar to their analytics."

US Hedge Fund

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Data Driven Tools for Alpha Generation and Risk Management

Our analysis is powered by proprietary data and unique analytics.

Human Judgement from Flow Experts and Macro Strategists

When needed, a human touch is applied to generate holistic viewpoint.
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The Hard Hitters
Founder & CEO

Jens Nordvig

Jens Nordvig has an 18-year track record as a leading markets economist and strategist. He has been awarded the Wolfson Economics finalist prize and was ranked #1 in Currency Strategy by Institutional Investor for five consecutive years. Jens was previously a Managing Director at Goldman Sachs, a Senior Investment Associate at Bridgewater and Head of Fixed Income Research and Global Currency Strategy at Nomura Securities before founding Exante Data in 2016. Jens is a frequent guest on CNBC, Bloomberg and Fox News. He has published op-eds in The Financial Times, The Wall Street Journal and the London School of Economics blog.

Head of Asia Pacific

Grant Wilson

Based in Sydney, Australia, Grant Wilson has extensive capital markets experience, including real money (Bankers Trust), sovereign wealth (GIC, where he was Global Head of FX/Macro) and hedge funds (Moore Capital and Civic Capital, as Founder & CEO). Grant has informed policy formation in Australia in response to COVID-19, and is a regular contributor to the Australian Financial Review.

Special Advisor

Tor Vollalokken

Based in Barcelona, Spain and Oslo, Norway, Tor Vollalokken has spent his entire professional life in the foreign exchange market, including 15 years with DnB where he was Head of FX in Oslo and later served as a Branch Manger in London, and 25 years as an independent analyst and advisor to hedge funds, sovereigns, fund managers, family offices and energy companies worldwide. Tor has a special focus on Scandinavian currencies.

Head of Alternative Data & CTO

Web Begole

As the lead technical officer of Exante Data, Web Begole oversees data procurement, programmatic analytics and technical infrastructure that power our website and Currency Overlay platforms. Leveraging a background from both creative and technical industries, Web brings innovative approaches and novel analysis to alternative data relevant to current market themes such as our COVID-19 research.

Senior Advisor

Chris Marsh

Chris Marsh holds a PhD in international macroeconomics and has worked at the International Monetary Fund and in finance for 15 years. An expert on IMF financial programming, Chris started The General Theorist blog in 2017 which focuses on the intersection between money and the balance of payments. His interests are global macro-financial linkages, central bank balance sheets, debt sustainability, and emerging markets.


Amelia Bourdeau

Amelia Bourdeau has 17 years of financial market experience. She began her career at the Federal Reserve Board. Amelia held economist and FX strategist roles at Deutsche Bank. Her other strategy work includes being a senior FX Strategist at UBS and at two global macro hedge funds. Amelia was in senior FX Hedge Fund Sales roles at Westpac Bank and UniCredit AG Bank. She was a contributor on CNBC with her own show. Amelia has a M.S. degree from Columbia Journalism School and appears on financial market television.

Head of Political Risk Analysis

Wouter Jongbloed

As Head of Political Risk Analysis, Wouter Jongbloed leads and develops the political and policy risk practice at Exante Data. He pays particular attention to the intersections of US, European and Chinese developments. He came to Exante with extensive experience working in academia and with various law firms. Wouter is a published author with Oxford University Press on a variety of topics including Sovereign Investments, as well as cross-border FDI.

Senior Strategist

Alex Etra

Alex Etra is Senior Strategist at Exante Data responsible for producing analytical insights on global macro trends, cross-border capital flows, FX intervention and global central bank policy for Exante's institutional clients, as well as being major contributor to our Global Flow Analytics platform. Prior to joining Exante Data, Alex spent five years at the Federal Reserve Bank of New York advising senior management on sovereign and bank credit risk and foreign central bank activity.

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