Fixed income is dead, long live FX (Part II): A New Regime With Different Risk Characteristics

In early August we declared that ‘Fixed Income is Dead, Long Live FX’.  Over the past month, this view has become almost passé. There has been plenty of global media on the topic (here, for example). Meanwhile, the Fed’s embrace of AIT (along with extended forward guidance) mostly seals the…


On the Rise of Alt-Data

By Grant Wilson, Alex Etra, Web Begole and Jens Nordvig The  alternative data (“Alt-Data”)  revolution was well underway before the COVID-19 shock. However the pandemic has dramatically accelerated the trend. We think financial market participants face a choice: embrace the revolution, or wither. We made this point in our inaugural…


Why the US 2nd Wave is Different: The Case of Florida – Hospitalization Rates Are Tanking

Using detailed data from Florida, we try to explain why the recent acceleration in cases has seemingly not generated any notable spike in hospitalizations in the state. We find that changing age distribution of cases, towards younger cohorts explain about half of the declining hospitalization ratio. But the propensity to…


Grant Wilson, Head of Asia Pacific, sat down with Oliver Renick and TD Ameritrade Network to discuss the emergence of a COVID19 Second Wave.

Grant Wilson, Head of Asia Pacific, sat down with Oliver Renick and TD Ameritrade Network.  They discussed our latest views about the US states with concerning COVID19 confirmed case growth, whether the emergence of a second wave has as dramatic implications as back in February at the onset of the…


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