"Exante has the most comprehensive data analytics, ranging from longer term balance of payment, to daily fixed income and equities flow.  There is no other place to go to if you want to analyze or solve puzzle holistically. No other research firm or bank has anything similar to their analytics."

US Hedge Fund

"Really enjoyed reading your daily updates on the coronavirus, keep it coming."

Fortune 100 Company

"Exante has been a key source of real-time reliable information surrounding COVID – both the spread of the virus and economic impacts in impacted regions. They have greatly improved our ability to navigate the trading environment this year."

US Hedge Fund

"Exante have been outstanding in their real time coverage of the nCoV outbreak. Their analysis on the published data of patients in China and globally was deeper and more nuanced than their peers. Further they have been early on looking at the restart of economic activity in China and again the range of parallel data sets has been more robust and insightful."

Asia-Pac Hedge Fund

“Exante has done a remarkable job during the Covid-19 crisis. The combination of thorough data collection, careful analysis and covering of market implications have added significant value to us this year.”

Nordic Hedge Fund

"Exante's data on coronavirus has been valuable.  You guys deserve credit for being the first to cover it [coronavirus] intensively.  These unconventional data sources are quite useful at this time."

G10 Central Bank

"Exante were a great help in ringing the alarm on nCoV and helping to sift through the dense noise and speculation. The foresight in predicting the impact on economic conditions was a significant support in our process."

Asia-Pac SWF

"Exante has been our go-to resource on COVID.  Clear, direct, daily data-driven narratives covering real-world and market implications. Indispensable"

Asia-Pac Corporate

"Exante were early, proactive and spot on in their analysis and projections of the potential impact of COVID-19. They have been an enormous asset to us and our clients in thinking through risk management during an extremely challenging time."

Asia Pac Private Bank

"I've been following your stuff and seems you are ahead of the curve on this.  Thank you!"

Global Asset Manager

"Exante was very timely, detailed and extensive in its coronavirus coverage. Ahead of the curve in analyzing the developing trends and market implications. Exante analysed the details of data very carefully to come out with correct conclusions at the right juncture. We are very thankful for your efforts."

Asia-Pac Hedge Fund

"Fantastic work as always, one of the best independent research firms out there."

Large US Hedge Fund

"Exante is probably the best service we've added in years" 

Large US Asset Manager

"Exante has been the most thorough, responsive, and action source on the coronavirus at all hours of the day.  They provide rigorous analysis and actionable updates on both a generic and bespoke update basis."

US Equity Hedge Fund

"An all time body of work from Exante.  Amazingly well done"

EU Hedge Fund

"Exante’s timely and thorough data collection and analysis, which has been updated and expanded ahead of the rest as 2019-nCoV progressed, has added enormous value to our monitoring of the epidemic."

US Hedge Fund

Our Continuing COVID-19 Coverage

Superior Tracking of COVID-19

Exante's 'Daily' publication comprises proprietary data-sets using a consistent point-in-time, accompanied by predictive analysis.

Expert Networks

Exante is collaborating with leading research epidemiologists, providing our real-time data to track China's return to work.


Exante provides around-the-clock, 24 hour coverage between our continuing research by analysts located in New York City and Asia-Pacific.

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Alternative Data on Twitter

Since January 2020 when COVID-19 struck Hubei province in China, Exante Data has been actively participating in the public conversation around the impact the virus has had on the world. Through automated tweets released as soon as the data is available, we have been the leading source of tracking the impact social distancing has had on countries and regions globally.

Our Research and Data

Exante Data is best-in-class for data analytics relating to macro strategy and flow tracking, including COVID related data. We provide frequent deep dive analysis through human interpretation of the extensive data, including testing data not easily available. In mid January 2020, Exante Data was early in identifying the COVID outbreak as a key risk factor for global financial markets for our clients. We recognized immediately that intensive monitoring of hard-to-get statistics would be (and has been) crucial in understanding the path of the pandemic and its lasting effects. Since then we have constructed a sophisticated data stack focused on obtaining critical insights into economic downturns by country and region on a real-time basis. We pursue a highly granular analytical approach, analyzing the outbreak at the micro-level to gain superior into key dynamics, including on the interaction between the virus and the policy response.

Exante Research

Daily COVID-19 Update

Since late January 2020 Exante Data has published a Daily Coronavirus Update to our clients. The daily update covers the vast implications on global financial institutions and markets using high quality, curated sources and a robust analysis of proprietary data-sets, along with predictive analytics around the pandemic.

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