Founder & CEO

Jens Nordvig

exante data was founded by Jens Nordvig in 2016. Jens Nordvig has a +20-year track record as a leading market economist and strategist. exante data provides analytical tools, smart data solutions and discretionary macro strategy to institutional investors globally.

From 2022, Jens Nordvig is also Co-Founder and CEO of MarketReader, a market intelligence company that empowers all investors to understand why the market is moving in real time (more info).

Ranked #1 in currency strategy by Institutional Investor in 2011, 2012,  2013, 2014 and 2015 [The Institutional Investor All-American Research Team Survey]

Awarded Wolfson Economics finalist prize in 2012 and the Rybczynski Young Economist Prize in 2001.

Jens Nordvig was previously a Managing Director at Goldman Sachs, a  Senior Investment Associate at Bridgewater Associates and Head of  Fixed Income Research and Global Currency Strategy at Nomura  Securities.

Jens holds masters and PhD degrees in economics from University of  Aarhus and University of Southern Denmark (Thesis: Essays on the Euro  Crisis), and he is also a member of the Advisory Board for the School of Business and Social Sciences at the University of Aarhus.

Jens is a regular contributor to Bloomberg TV, CNBC and has written several op-eds for the Financial Times (for more media coverage see here).

From 2022, Jens is also a Co-Founder and CEO of MarketReader Inc,

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